Technical Difficulties



Dark Here, sorry for the lack of updates, sorry we’ve been defunct and on and off very sporadically. We Run on a broken, 6 meg Download and 0.25 Meg Upload DSL net line, so we have trouble streaming shoutcast and alot of the times the port forewarding breaks or the net shuts down midstream, or my bills get in the way of purchasing a new windows loaded computer cause my current one got ransomware and got locked up more than the panamal canal with a door buckle.


Yeah I know were considered defunct and we apologise to all of our twitter watches, right now were just a furry tweet team. Im sorry thats not much but also the schedule of doing it every single night at 8 pm – 1:30 am EST was killing me, if we do come back, expect us to do it saturdays. 8am-1:30am and recaps from 8am-8pm (aka the  autopilot recap). We will be working on a way to record our podcasts while in stream so you can hear my wonderful, dorky voice at your hearts desire. Also going to be working in a news Segment, all done by this wonderful fox, aka me, the one man radio team xD

Sincerely Apologetic,




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